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100% travel financing for military personnel and dependents.

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Military Travel Exchange provides military and their families with military flights, hotels and cruises. We pride ourselves at being the best in the industry at finding the best deals on military flights and it's the reason more military use and continue using us more than any other military travel service. We have over 75 pre-negotiated airline contracts which gives us exclusive prices on cheap military flights as well as military discounts on hotels, cruises and vacation packages. We are dedicated to making your travel experience easy and will go to great lengths to find you the best deals on military flights to meet your travel needs. Additionally, we know that sometimes cash flow can be tight or you just need a little extra cash to travel with so we provide fast and easy travel financing with the highest approvals in the industry. Our customer service department is second to none so rest assured that you can get a human on the line within minutes to take care of any flight changes or to answer any questions you have. No matter the occasion, whether it be a last minute flight or a family vacation we will find you the best deal with 100% military travel financing for all active duty, career, retired, veterans and dependents — often with no money down. Complete the form above or call us today, risk-free.

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Travel now and pay later for all service members, prior military and government.

  • Active Duty / National Guard
  • Dependents / Families of Qualified Individuals
  • US Government Agency Employee
  • Veterans / Retired Military Personnel
  • Department of Defense
  • US Postal Service Employee

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Cheap military flights and military travel loans for any occasion.

  • Last Minute Flights
  • Family Vacation
  • Rest and Relaxation
  • Holiday Travel
  • Emergencies
  • Dependent Travel
  • Military Leave
  • Fly a Friend
  • Honeymoons

So easy and affordable, I will definitely be flying with you guys again. T. Munnings, LCpl
My last hop to the mainland was super convenient, extended my trip 2 days. I would recommend you to all military members.  MSGT Jeremy Lock, Bolling AFB
Military Travel Exchange really helped me out when I wanted to go home and didn't have any money. I called and got a loan with an low interest rate buy a flight home and see my family that I missed so much. I would definitely recommend Travel Exchange to fellow Marines and other military branches. R. Cantu, LCpl LTJG
You guys are great! I received leave last minute and you got me home to see my little boy. J. Matos, PO3
We haven't had a family vacation in years but you helped fly my entire family, thank you. M. Walker, SGT
You helped me get home for a family emergency when no one else would! S. Rudnick, SRA
OUTSTANDING! I got notification of my leave at the last minute and within minutes had my military flights booked and had financing, I will definitely be using you guys again. S. Mitchell, SSGT
I was able to fly my ENTIRE FAMILY to Florida for an overdue vacation and was able to finance the entire trip. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! B. Scott, CPL
My experience with Military Travel Exchange was exceptional! The staff was super helpful in coordinating my flights on a tight schedule. I had travel financing and flights booked in less than 15 minutes. I couldn't be happier, thank you! S. Reiche, E3
I was amazed with the speed and ease of the travel loans process, it's the best experience I have had booking travel. R. Stone, PFC
Have been through many cheap military flights and travel financing programs - this was without a doubt the easiest and most efficient. G. Barrow, PO3
I used Military Travel Exchange at the suggestion of a friend. Last summer, we took our first vacation as a family of 5 (3 kids under the age of 7) and our travel representative was able to find cheap military flights for the entire family. We also took advantage of their military travel financing program so that we would have some extra cash on our vacation and we paid it off early, with no penalty. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and they made it super easy. We will use Military Travel Exchange again for future travel, and I would recommend them to all military families. C. Bales
I had a great experience with Military Travel Exchange. I chose them because their travel representative were super friendly and helpful. The first time I booked flights with them I was short on cash and their military travel financing program allowed me to get home when I elsewise wouldn’t have been able to. I will continue to book military flights with them because it’s so easy, I recommend them to all military personnel. A. Williams
It's been very pleasant experience flying through Military Travel Exchange. The travel representative did a really good job explaining how it works and when I needed to make a change to my flights the customer service department found even cheaper military flights for my flight change, I am telling everyone in the barracks! R. Sullivan
I'm very pleased with Military Travel Exchange. Their representatives seemed to be very knowledgeable about military flights and even recommended some places to eat during my vacation. The process was simple and straightforward and it only took a few minutes to book our flights. We were able to travel worry free knowing that if we needed anything they were only a call away. We will definitely use them again for future travel. K. Hartley
The representatives at Military Travel Exchange are always very friendly. I knew very little about military flights and they were very helpful booking my flights around my tight travel schedule. I would recommend them to all military. E. Rowe
I've been using Military Travel Exchange for a couple of years and my experience with them has always been wonderful. They always find the best deals on military flights and their process is easy and simple. Overall, my experience flying with them has been very good and their customer service is top notch. G. Ostlund
We’ve used Military Travel Exchange three times and have been more than satisfied. We used to only fly using space a travel but it got to be such a hassle trying to find military flights and piecing flights together to get us to where we needed to go. With Military Travel Exchange we can book the exactly military flights we need (direct flights) and no longer have to worry about missing flights or spend hours trying to coordinate space a flights. We use continue using them over space a for as long as we fly. R.Lawson
Their service was great and the process was easy. The representative booked military flights and had our travel financing done within minutes. They truly make military travel easy. N.Jones
Two times in one year I have used Military Travel Exchange to book military flights. I keep coming back because it’s easy and saves me time and money. I also like the assurance that if I need to reschedule a flight or if I have any questions I can get someone on the phone in minutes. I will continue using them and recommend them to all military. D.Castillo
I heard about Military Travel Exchange through a friend and I typically use space a travel but thought I would give them a shot. Wow! These guys are so much easier then space a and I don’t have to worry about space available changing or flights being delayed (especially on a tight schedule). I am beyond pleased flying with them and will continue to use them over space a travel. B. Birney
I have used Military Travel Exchange several times now and they are absolutely awesome! Their travel team is fantastic and polite. And if you have any questions they will call or email you back quickly. They were very helpful in assisting me find military flights that were affordable. My experience traveling with them has been fantastic. M. Brown
We have been using Military Travel Exchange for 2 years now and couldn’t be happier. This last time we had to use them was for a family emergency and the representative was very understanding of our situation and found us last minute military flights in the clutch. They are fast, friendly and reliable. We highly recommend Military Travel Exchange for all your travel needs. D. Burris
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