Best of Alaska Travel

Alaska is a state which is full of natural wonders and exciting attractions for one to explore. Among the activities in which individuals can take part are bicycling, rafting, taking a helicopter or bush plane through the wilderness, and walking and hiking the trails and mountains, along with other activities. If you are up for a challenge, mountain hiking is sure to present one for you. Continue reading “Best of Alaska Travel” »

Fun for Military Families Near Fort Knox

If you are a stationed at Fort Knox, you likely are looking for attractions that you and your military family will enjoy. Depending on what your interests are and the ages of your children, there are nature parks, theme/amusement parks, caverns, historic sites, museums, zoos, walking tours, golf courses, and numerous other types of attractions which you are sure to love. The following options are ideal for singles, couples, or families. Continue reading “Fun for Military Families Near Fort Knox” »

Family Friendly Vacation at Shades of Green On Walt Disney World Resort

If you have been thinking of taking your family on a vacation, but haven’t yet made up your mind on where to go, The Shades of Green on Walt Disney World Resort, may be an appealing option. The AFRC resort is located right on the grounds of Walt Disney World Resort, making it an ideal destination for some of the best family-style entertainment options. Continue reading “Family Friendly Vacation at Shades of Green On Walt Disney World Resort” »

Military to Get Pay Increase in 2014

The House of Representatives approved the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act on Friday, June 14th, 2013 which includes the Defense Spending Bill that supports a 1.8% pay increase for military personnel in 2014. It will still need to undergo more scrutiny by the Senate to make sure it will pass the President’s threat of Veto before that pay raise becomes a reality for military personnel and their families. Continue reading “Military to Get Pay Increase in 2014” »