5 Worthy Restaurants for Thanksgiving Dinner

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It’s almost that time of year again. Stores switch to holiday displays, countdowns begin on television, kids start to write their Christmas lists and trees are brought down from the attic. But before we wake up to presents under the tree, we celebrate the day where eating entirely too much is completely acceptable: Thanksgiving. For some, preparations begin long before it’s time to eat with elaborate menus and tablescapes. For others, the mere thought of pulling the pans from the cabinet is dreadful, let alone deal with the massive clean up that you’ll probably be stuck with doing on your own while everyone else cheers on the football game. Fortunately, if you aren’t much of a cook, there are always plenty of options to choose from to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving dinner without the preparation or the clean up! Whether you live in a small town or a big city, there are always restaurants ready to cater to those who want to take it a little easier this year.

You may choose to stay local or you may choose to gather family and friends and venture out to a well-known city for more of an experience. These are some wonderful suggestions for anyone looking to do a little traveling for the holiday season.

Scala’s Bistro San Francisco

Looking to go a little fancy in San Francisco? Scala’s Bistro located in Union Square is catering to the holiday spirit with a three-course pre-fixed Thanksgiving meal. Scala’s Bistro is an Italian restaurant with the talents of chef Larry Finn in the kitchen. The meal will include traditional holiday dishes such as turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy as well as a la carte sides. The pricing is $65 for adults and $35 for children. The price is worth not having to lift a finger!

Prairie Grass Café Chicago Illinois

For the small town folks of Northbrook, Illinois, a few miles outside of Chicago, chef Sarah Stegner and George Bumbaris of the Prairie Grass Café will be cooking up a mile long menu of turkey, stuffing, green beans, etc.

Eleven Madison Park New York

If you choose to be a part of the Christmas season in New York crowd, bring the family and stop by Eleven Madison Park, a Danny Meyer restaurant on Madison Avenue. This traditionally French-American restaurant’s chef Daniel Humm takes time each year to whip up a family-style Thanksgiving dinner that will even impress grandma.

B’s Bistro Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia is a great holiday destination. The southern charm, the city life, and the wide range of restaurants to choose from will bring you tons of options for a good Thanksgiving meal. B’s Bistro, a contemporary American restaurant in Sandy Springs is offering a four course Thanksgiving meal for $31.95. The menu includes salad, turkey, ham, sweet and mashed potatoes, and gravy.

Loveless Café Nashville TN

Keeping it in the south, one destination you will be glad you chose is America’s own music city. Nashville, Tennessee has a wide array of family owned down-home restaurants perfect for your family’s Thanksgiving meal. The famous Loveless Café is offering the “Gracious Southern Traditions” Thanksgiving dinner. The menu will include turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, etc. There’s no better place in Nashville to get a down-home meal that tastes as good as it sounds!

Whether you kick back at home or travel to a holiday destination, Thanksgiving is all about friends and family being together. The food is important too, of course, so if you decide to trade the pans for a menu, it’ll always be worth it!

5 Worthy Restaurants for Thanksgiving Dinner

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