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Burg Eltz Castle Germany

Germany is a huge and fascinating country with many distinctly different areas. What you will get out of a trip there all depends on what you want. The South, for example, is a conventional and very traditional, with many people wearing lederhosen as normal daily wear. The forests and the lakes in the south are amazing. Along the boarder with Holland France and Belgium, there are rolling hills, beautiful rivers and castles. The north has large interesting cities and Berlin is almost like a country all it’s own. The country is well connected by trains which are fast and reliable but they also have a good budget airline which will allow you to hope between cities with ease. There are a lot of places to choose from, more than I can go into here, but I have listed some of the most interesting towns and cites below

Berlin Germany


Berlin is the capital of Germany and has a population of 4.5 million people. It’s a huge place, with many districts, but it is easy enough to explore the city center without too much effort. The people of this city have long considered themselves different from regular Germans, something that dates back to the time when it was surrounded on all sides by East Germany.

It is a lively place, widely known for its’ tolerance and internationalism. There is a very lively nightlife and it is full of cafés, clubs, and bars. Most of Germany’s best museums are here along with palaces, town squares and stunning architecture.

Quedlinburg Germany


This stunning little town deep in the Harz mountains was pretty much spade the damage that was inflicted on much of Germany durning world War II. Throughout the town are stunning old half-timbered buildings. You can wander around the cobblestone streets of the Old Town and imagine a time gone by.

This was once the centre of the German Empire, and there are more medieval buildings in this town than any other in Germany. The old castle above the town has been recently restored and is an absolute gem.

Lindau Germany


This gorgeous town was settled in the 9th century and was a former free imperial town of the Holy Roman Empire. If you come to the South of Germany you simply must come here. This is what you would imagine a lakeside village of Bavaria should look like. It lies on the shore of Lake Constance just a short ways from Austria.

The historic town is actually an island. It is chock full of medieval and half-timbered buildings. It can get pretty popular with tourists, especially in summer. You can hop on a boat from the small harbor for trips out on the lake to enjoy the view of Austrian and Swiss Alps across the lake.

Rhineland-Palatinate Germany


This is more of an area of Germany, rather than a city. It is the biggest wine producing area of the country, producing famous whites that are exported around the world. The biggest town is Mainz, which is the perfect place to hope on a boat tour of this fantastic river, but you can actually pick one up in any town along the way.

In Speyer, you will find the largest romanesque cathedral in the world.Trier has Roman ruins that will surprise and delight you. In Koblenz, the Rhine meets the Moselle and from tree you can go either direction, seeing the beautiful old castles along the hillsides.
This is one of Germany’s little jewels, and travelers have been coming here for years, along with countless artists, musicians, philosophers, composers and intellectuals that have been inspired by this amazing place. The city sits in a valley among rolling hills, with a river running through it. The beautiful red brick buildings and bridge that cross the river are captivating.

A trip to the old town and castle are essential and you will find that you can get around quite easy on the local trams. It is a university town, so best to visit in the summer when the hordes are gone

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

This charming city sustained a lot of damage during World War II, bt the locals rebuilt the old town completely and restored everything to it’s former glory. It is a completely walled medieval city that seems like it exists in a time capsule. It is located along the Romantic Road about halfway in between Frankfurt and Munich.

The Town Wall that encircles the entire city was built in the 14th century and is about 2.5 km long and covered, with many towers and entrances at the gates. The view from the walls is fantastic.

More than likely you will want to book a flight into the Frankfurt Airport since it has the most service to the United States and it has excellent transportation options available from the airport.

Hamburg Germany


Germanys biggest port town has a bit of a reputation for it’s wild party atmosphere. Hamburg is actually a city-state. being somewhat independent within Germany. It is a big city but you can get around the city centre and see most of the points of interest on foot. The public transport in this city is simply amazing.

The city is full of endless sights, museums, palaces and parks as well as a thriving club scene. There are even beaches for those day in the summer when it gets a little too warm.

Mittenwald Germany


This town was once known as the village of 1000 violins, because this is where many of them were made. Considered by many as the most beautiful town in Bavaria, you will find quaintly decorated houses and gardens. It is a tiny little town, with only about 7000 people, so you can explore it in a day.

Mittenwald has a railway station on the railway between Munich and Innsbruck and it is an absolutely spectacular scenic trip.

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