Cheap Last-Minute Halloween Costumes


Need a last-minute Halloween costume? These last-minute costumes are quick to make and won’t break your wallet.

1. Maverick and Charlie, Top Gun


Excellent costume idea for couples. Top Gun, a movie about a Navy pilot assigned to San Diego to master military flights, stars Tom Cruise as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and Kelly McGillis as “Charlie.” All you need: a leather flight jacket, black pants to match the flight jacket, a white shirt and blonde hair for her and a military flight suit and aviators for him.

2. Sandy, Grease 


Very easy last-minute costume – throw on a black shirt/tank, black skinny jeans, a black stretchy belt, plus red high heels and leather jacket. Look at me I’m Sandra Dee!

3. Rosie the Riveter


From the famous “We Can Do It!” WWII poster. You’ll need a workman’s navy blue collared shirt, dark pants and the red bandanna.

4. Flight Attendant


Attention: last call for flights to Hawaii! All you need: button down shirt, navy or red skirt, scarf, high heels, and military aviators for sunglasses.

5. Crazy Cat


Easy to make, paint on cat claws with black fingernail paint, then paint on a nose and some whiskers, add ears from felt or black paper, and you’re good to go!

6. ”Serial”/Cereal Killer


Perfect conversation striker! You’ll need: a cereal box, red paint, fake knife.

Cheap Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

By Military Travel Exchange

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