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In 2013, Las Vegas had almost 40 million visitors who came to the city to experience fantastic food, amazing adventures, luxurious hotels, world class gambling and much more. Las Vegas has so much to offer that just about anyone can find something memorable to do or enjoy. Although this isn’t a complete list, this list of 10 amazing things to do in Las Vegas should provide a great outline of what the city offers.

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When anyone usually thinks of Las Vegas, the first thing that they think of is casino gambling and Las Vegas is the epicenter for this activity. There are so many different themed casinos and so many different casino games to play that anyone over the age of 21 can try their luck at winning the jackpot, hitting a royal flush or playing blackjack. Casinos are very “gambler friendly” and offer games for every budget. The main thing to focus on when gambling is treating it as entertainment and playing within responsible limits.

Caesars Palace Las Vegas


There are over 130,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas and many of these are located at either a Hotel Casino or a Casino Resort. These rooms range from “standard” (a Las Vegas “standard” room is usually quite opulent) all the way to some of the most luxurious rooms found in the United States and the world. Visitors should take location into consideration along with other amenities that the hotel offers. Two of my personal favorites are the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas and the Venetian. Las Vegas hotels are well known for Military Discounts and almost all offer at least a 10% Military Discount or other Military rates.

Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas

Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil shows are some of the most highly attended and entertaining shows in Las Vegas. These shows combine comedy, theatrics, creativity, grand stage sets and amazing displays of physical dexterity and acrobatics. There are seven different Cirque du Soleil shows currently running in Las Vegas and each offers an extremely unique experience. Almost every Cirque du Soleil show has a Military Discount that ranges from 25% to 50% based on availability which is an amazing salute to every service person.

Gallaghers Steak House Las Vegas


Las Vegas has become a city that offers world class food from world class chefs. There are restaurants in Las Vegas that have be opened by chef superstars like Bobby Flay, Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse and Gordon Ramsay. These restaurants deliver delicious food in one-of-a-kind surroundings. Las Vegas also has restaurants that can meet any budget and satisfy any craving. One of the most memorable things to do in Las Vegas is exploring new restaurants and trying new food!

Bellagio Hotel Fountains Las Vegas

The Fountains of Bellagio

This may be the most entertaining and most memorable free thing to do in Las Vegas. The Fountains of Bellagio mix water and music to create a choreographed “dance” from different water fountains and patterns with the magnificent Bellagio in the background. These shows are fantastic as an escape from a busy Las Vegas day or night and leave a lasting memory. Shows are usually performed every 30 minutes during the day and every 15 minutes during the evening.

Silverstone Golf Las Vegas


Las Vegas is home to some amazing golf courses like Shadow Creek, Coyote Springs and The Wynn Golf Club. These courses have tons of history and test the most skilled player. It is important to look into prices as some of these courses have greens fees that exceed $500.00 per player. There are great courses that fit every budget and a travel advisor or concierge can assist with finding a course perfect for you. Keep in mind that many Las Vegas golf courses provide Military
Discounts and offers.

Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is a 4 mile stretch of South Las Vegas Boulevard that has some of the best hotels, casinos, entertainment, restaurants and shops in the entire city. Walking the Strip is a great way to experience the architecture of the heart of the city while also catching all that goes on. Visitors can find unique shops, take in a budget (or free) friendly show and enjoy a day of sightseeing and interacting with others. There are several fun ways to travel the strip other than by foot including The Deuce which is Las Vegas’ double-decker bus. It is highly recommended to plan a day enjoying everything the Strip has to offer!

Rehab Pool Party Las Vegas


Not only can a visitor enjoy sightseeing in the busy part of Las Vegas, but there are some amazing views surrounding the city also. Sightseeing tours offer a great way to enjoy nature and see some extremely fascinating views that only Las Vegas has. These tours include helicopter tours, bus tours and non-traditional tours like ATV’s, hot air balloons and rafts. The Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon are only two examples of the remarkable sightseeing tours in Las Vegas. There are several professional sightseeing tour companies in the city and many offer Military Discounts which should be requested.

Freemont Street Las Vegas

Freemont Street Experience

Downtown Las Vegas is considered the historic part of the city and “Vintage Vegas”. One of the biggest attractions in the downtown section is the Freemont Street Experience which is highlighted by an overhead light and sound show that is displayed on screens that are 90ft above street level and cover a length of four city blocks. The Freemont Street Experience has become a tradition for many Las Vegas visitors and connects several well known casinos and shops. The entire area creates a unique atmosphere and encourages interaction with vendors and shops.

Mob Museum Las Vegas

Museums and Collections

Las Vegas is not only gambling and high energy. In fact, Las Vegas has some of the most interesting and wonderful museums and collections for visitors to view. The Luxor has The Titanic Artifact Exhibition that houses over 250 authentic artifacts from the wreckage, The Mob Museum is located in downtown and showcases the history of organized crime and those that fought it and Madam Tussaud located in The Venetian is a great way to see lifelike recreations of famous celebrities and stars. These examples are just a few ways that visitors can see some great things that can only be found in Las Vegas. Although sometimes not displayed, several museums and exhibitions will gladly provide Military Discounts if requested.

Paris in Las Vegas

There are hundreds of fun, exciting and entertaining ways to experience Las Vegas. Although the list above only outlines ten of the ways to celebrate what Las Vegas offers, a lot of fun and memorable moments can be found by simply exploring the city and creating a travel plan that delivers exactly what you want!

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