F-18 Hornet vs F1 Race Car

What happens when a F-18 Hornet fighter jet lines up against a F1 race car? Red Bull Racing owned Formula One (F1) in 2013 but they wanted more. So they fueled up the car and threw their best driver, Daniel Ricciardo, into the drivers seat to take on the Royal Austrailian Air Force F-18 Hornet piloted by Lt. Michael Keightley. The F-18 Hornet weighs in at 16 tons but boast 48,000 lbs of thrust (Boeing 777 weighs 287 tons with 188,000 lbs of thrust) and the F1 car weighs in at 1,411 lbs and is powered by a 1.6l six cylinder turbo engine.

F-18 Hornet vs F1

F-18 Hornet vs Formula 1

F-18 vs F1

F-18 Hornet vs F1 Race Car

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