Family Friendly Vacation at Shades of Green On Walt Disney World Resort

If you have been thinking of taking your family on a vacation, but haven’t yet made up your mind on where to go, The Shades of Green on Walt Disney World Resort, may be an appealing option. The AFRC resort is located right on the grounds of Walt Disney World Resort, making it an ideal destination for some of the best family-style entertainment options.


If you are not yet familiar with AFRC resorts, well now is as good a time as any to learn. AFRC (Armed Forces Recreation Center) Resorts are the military’s answer to the age old need for a little R&R.  These top of the line, resort style facilities are available only for service members and their families. Rates for these resorts depend on the normal things, like size of room, season and number of guests, but AFRC takes it a step further and moderates the price according to pay grade and  rank as well, making it a more affordable option for a budget conscience, military family friendly vacation.


AFRC is big on options and this is apparent in the rooms and suites available as well as the varied options for dining. Options include: a family style restaurant , Café style dining that includes a Starbucks,  and a charming Bistro.

I highly recommend taking time out for a massage therapy or a facial at the Magnolia Spa.  Being a family friendly vacation destination, the Magnolia spa features  child friendly services.  So your Tykes can get spoiled right along with you!

If golf is your thing, you might want to set some time aside to enjoy one of the two PGA Championship Golf Courses that surrounds Shade of Green.  If not, then you can stay fit on your vacation in the comprehensive fitness center.

Nearby Family Friendly Vacation Attractions

Shades of Green runs a complimentary shuttle to Walt Disney World, where service members receive discounts as well as extended park hours.

I can’t imagine that you could take a vacation long enough to see all there is to see at Disney World but if too much Disney makes you nervous, don’t be discouraged. There are shuttles available to Universal studios and Sea World too!

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