Fun for Military Families Near Fort Knox

If you are a stationed at Fort Knox, you likely are looking for attractions that you and your military family will enjoy. Depending on what your interests are and the ages of your children, there are nature parks, theme/amusement parks, caverns, historic sites, museums, zoos, walking tours, golf courses, and numerous other types of attractions which you are sure to love. The following options are ideal for singles, couples, or families.

Swope’s Cars of Yesteryear Museum

This car museum is 13 miles south of Fort Knox, in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. This is the place for you if you love classic cars. Bring your children for a look at the great automobiles of the past. The museum has received excellent ratings from reviewers, and it is free of charge.

Jefferson Memorial Forest

This park is 16 miles northeast of Fort Knox. This is ideal if you are looking to camp out and/or hike in a beautiful setting, away from the structure of military living. Many reviewers have given this place high ratings, and have stated that this forest is well worth the visit for its unique hiking trails alone. The Siltstone Trail and Miller Hill Lake are a must to visit.

Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace, a one room log cabin, can be imagined when you view the authentic cabin being preserved in a peaceful setting in Hodgenville, Kentucky. It is 26 miles southeast of Fort Knox. You likely will watch a video on the history of the site, and be able to view the historical displays, as well as see part of an oak tree from the land. This is free for people to visit.

Brooks Hill Winery

This winery is 17 miles northeast of Fort Knox. It is ideal if you are looking for an enjoyable, adult experience with great wine, snacks, and live music. If you have never considered yourself a wine connoisseur, this place may change your tune. The selections are delicious and they have a large patio where you can lounge for awhile with your wine, and a wide variety of wines to try.

Indiana Caverns

These caverns are 23 miles northwest of Fort Knox. Your whole family is sure to delight in this natural wonder. They have a waterfall and a cave boat ride, as well as ice age bones which you can view. Indiana Caverns has received high rankings by reviewers.

There are many other wonderful places you can visit on your own or with family near the Fort Knox military base, including Red Barn Antique Mall, Louisville Palace, Heritage Hill Golf Course, West Main Historic District, and the Louisville Zoo. Stay for the whole day or a few hours at these attractions. When you live on base at Fort Knox, you are close to the greatest attractions of Kentucky and Indiana.

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