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Agana Bay at Sunset Tamuning Guam

Guam is a most interesting place that everyone should visit. Throw Texas and Hawaii in a blender with a little lime and ice and you have Guam. Guam is an array of exotic sunsets, breathtaking vistas, crystal white beaches, tropical hiking, amazing food, ukulele’s, rich entertainment and friendly people.

Guam is the largest island of Micronesia.  The remote tropical island is an American territory and a melting pot of diverse cultures blending with the native Chamorro people.

Guam’s closest U.S. neighbor is Hawaii, which is just a non-stop flight away. Most U.S. travelers can visit Guam within three connecting flights from the mainland. Spaces are often limited, so be sure to book airfares in advance.

Below, the 12 reasons Guam is an intriguing and exotic destination that everyone should experience, especially military personnel that are traveling through or wanting to plan an awesome vacation.

Guam Beach

1. Beaches:

Now that you’ve been reminded of Guam’s existence, please beware of the following: Guam’s heavenly beaches and amazing shorelines live up to their tropical reputation; because the weather is year round, there’s never a bad time to hop on a flight and relax where the white sand meets crystal clear water.

Many of Guam’s best beaches are on the military bases. The military beaches are restricted for use of military personnel only. Many active duty and career retired military members travel to Guam for the beach’s popular exclusivity of private beach space. The beach and beach club at Polaris Point is a popular spot for military. A few other notable beaches for military are Tarague and Sirena beaches, located on Anderson AFB. Sirena Beach is a private beach available by reservation only. Recreation services offering fishing boats, canoes, cabanas, diving lessons and much more are available to military personnel.

Gun Beach Turtle Guam

2. Diving:

Guam is known for its world-class dive sites. Unlike much of the world, the water is crystal clear with plenty to explore around the thriving reefs. Piti Bomb Hole is a notorious dive site as well as Apra Harbor, where a military shipwreck rests at 50’, perfect for beginners. Take a picture with the American flag still attached to the vessel.

3. History:

Traditionally, the Chamorro (native Pacific islanders) societies were expert seaman skilled in horticulture, advanced hunting and fishing techniques, pottery, complex weaving, and remarkable architectural designs for housing and canoes. In the seventeenth century, Guam was first colonized by Spain and later occupied by Japan for two years during World War II. Guam today is a U.S. territory and occupied military space for Anderson AFB, Naval Base Guam, and Naval Forces Marianas.

Yap Dance Guam

4. Culture:

This might be a surprise. Ready? Many relate the culture in Guam to that of Texas. The Guam locals have a Texan’s passion for football; also big supporters of local high-school teams. Guam locals know a thing or two about large parties (also called fiestas), and have big warm hearts with a Texas mentality; everyone is close and takes care of one another. The lone island and the Lone-Star state apparently have a lot in common…but without George Strait, What-A-Burger, boots and rodeos…the lone island is far-flung of being 2-Steps away from Texas.

Chamorro Guam

5. Chamorro Food:

Chamorro food is a major part of the Guam’s culture. With Spanish and Mexican influences, the Chamorro food offers a wide variety of tasty cuisines. Kelaguen is a local favorite –made of fiery finadene sauce, coconut shavings, a few drops of lemon juice and soy, seasoned with chili peppers and onions.

SOJA at MWR Concert in Guam

6. Music:

Music in Guam is an integral aspect of a laid-back island lifestyle. Reggae and ukulele tunes are very popular around the island. You won’t have to go farther than the beach or local bars to enjoy a good performance.

Hiking in Guam

7. Hiking:

The landscape of Guam is absolutely beautiful! The remote island offers a wide variety of landscapes to hike. It’s mountainous terrains, waterfalls, caves, rivers, freshwater pools, and long shorelines make for an enjoyable experience for hikers of all levels of skill.

8. Golfing:

Guam is truly a golfers’ paradise. The island has seven world-class golf courses designed by famous U.S. and Japanese golf experts, with courses for all levels of skill that are known for their breathtaking scenery and plenty of space for everyone.  Military personnel traveling through Guam often plan a trip to explore the golfing environment and enjoy a few beers in the relaxing weather.

9. Shopping:

Guam is full of shopping strips, from major retail outlets to name stores. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci and Tod’s are just a few of the many name brands that can be purchased less expensive than its country of origin. Major retail outlets and stores can be found with name brand items can be found less expensive than its country.

10. America’s Day begins in Guam:

Chamorro Standard Time is 14-15 hours ahead of the Eastern Standard Time (depending on Daylight Savings) meaning Guam is literally “where America’s Day begins.” There are several big perks to Guam’s time zone, such as celebrating America’s New Year’s first, movies premiere ahead of the rest of America, and if you’re up for a time-travel adventure hop on a non-stop flight to Honolulu to relive the date over again with a new experience.

Guam Sunset

11. Sunsets:

Guam is blessed with incredible sunsets visible from just about anywhere on the island. Some of the best sunsets can be viewed from the military bases.

12. Romance:

Romance can be found just about everywhere in Guam, from white sandy beaches to exotic orange skies. Lovers’ Point is definitely one of the world’s top romantic destinations. It’s dramatic and steep Cliffside overlooks the Philippine Sea, making Lovers’ Point a popular romantic hotspot. Lovers’ Point became a Chamorro legend when two unlucky lovers, forbidden from a loving future, jumped from the cliff to spend an afterlife together.

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