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Spain is a fascinating country with a long history dating all the way back to Roman times. Because of this you can find little bits of history everywhere, perfectly intact, side by side with modern culture. The Spanish have a unique way of looking at life, wherein life itself is much more important than work. The result is that things travel at a slightly slower pace, there is good food almost everywhere and the nightlife absolutely rocks.

Everywhere you go, you will find a slightly different culture but still with a very Spanish identity. You have the Basque in the north, the Catalan people around Barcelona and even the Balearic islands and Valencia have their own distinct languages.

Spain has about 5000 miles of coastline, giving you ample opportunity to find a nice beach. Some are easy to get to, others a bit of a chore. But with nice weather that lasts from May until October, you will have plenty of time to find your favorite.  Here, we cover some of Spain’s best beaches:

Ibiza Spain


This island is well known for its wild all-night beach parties and clubs. Things can get pretty hectic here. But believe or not there is a great family beach too. Cala Llenya is a wide, sandy beach with safe swimming and rocky areas for snorkeling.  It is a favorite with local families who grill fish on bar-b-queues beneath the pine trees on weekends. Lots of people use the beach at weekends but it never feels crowded. There are great walks in the surrounding pine woods too.

For the younger crowd, head to Salinas beach. Part of this beach is a nude beach, and all the beautiful people are there. There is a beach bar called Sa Trincha, where you can often spot celebrities. This is the beach to go to if you are not shy about showing a bit if skin. The entire island is actually covered in small secluded coves, but you’ll need to make friends with a local, as it would be very difficult for me to tell you how to get to some of these out of the way beaches.

San Sebastian Spain

San Sebastian

La Concha in San Sebastian is said to be the best city beach in all of Spain. While I personally love Barcelona as my favorite city on earth, the beaches near to it are not really all that great. At San Sebastian, you are right on the edge of the city. The town itself is without a doubt chic and trendy with its designer clothes shops and cool bars. The local tapas (called pintxo in Basque country) served along the beach bars are delicious and cheap.There are free showers on the beach and you can hire umbrellas and chairs. Its a great place if you want city action combined with an awesome beach.

Figueres Spain


North of Barcelona is the amazing town of Figueres. The town is actually about 15 miles inland from the beach, but has a lot to offer. I myself have gone there many times for just a day and ended up staying a week. A short drive east and you can either go to Cadiques or to the magic coves of Roses. The beaches after L’Almadrava are small and practically deserted. Even though they are not that far from Roses, it is a bit of a mission to get to them. A narrow steep road along the Cap de Creus headland leads to Cala Murtra, about 3 miles from Roses It is the first of 7 little secluded cove beaches. They are all actually nude beaches, but you will sometimes have the place entirely to yourself.

Huelva Spain


Playa De Mazagon in Huelva gets something like 3000 hours of sunshine a year. This is a sun worshipers paradise. It has fine white sand and calm seas. The beach is right between Huelva and Matalascanas. It stretches out nearly four miles and is backed by dramatic cliffs and pine trees. There is a nudist area on one section of the beach but for the most part it is suitable for families. It is also close to the Doñana National Park, the former hunting reserve of Spanish Kings. It is a fantastic place to visit. It’s Europe’s largest wetland reserve.

Ribadeo Spain


On the north coast of Spain in Galicia is the Ribadeo. The town is set on a large bay in the Atlantic ocean at the mouth of a river. The beaches here are stunning, with insane rock formations all about the place built by years of erosion and crazy weather. The best time to come here is July and August, when all the other beaches in spain are packed. It gets a bit windy other times of the year.


On the south coast near Cadiz is the Beach at Tarifa. The town itself is less built up then the surrounding areas. It has a very bohemian feel. There are natural mud baths at one end of the beach. Drop in, get covered… bake in the sun and then go wash off in the sea. Your skin will feel amazing after. This is also the number one place in the world for windsurfers. If you ask around, there are also some Roman ruins very close by.

Fuerteventura Spain


The Canary islands for me don’t have the best beaches in spain, with 2 major exceptions, both on the island of Fuerteventura. First is the beach just south of the sleepy fishing village of El Cotillo. It stretches for miles along the west coast of the island. This is not the place for family swimming but rather for walks on warm evenings and long days lying on the beach without being disturbed by anyone. It’s a beachcombers paradise. The second one is Playa de Cofete near the town of Morro del Jable. It is a half hours drive over an unmade road which clings to the side of the mountains precariously. It gets pretty narrow in places and is perhaps not for the faint-hearted driver but it is safe enough and the drive is totally worth it.

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