Military Jets Prepare for Super Bowl XLVIII

The preparations for Sunday’s Superbowl are getting near the end, and people are already very excited for the most important event of the year in sports.But they aren’t the only ones, as the army will also be present this year, in a rather unique manner.

The NFL actually talked with military representatives and requested a military flyover from F-16 military jets, which may provide the delight of the viewers in the arena, but also their safety. The army will send the 101st Airbone Division, which is an assault unit, to perform a multi-airship formation. The division includes Apache helicopters, as well as Chinook and Black Hawk transports.

They performed a flyover test this Friday, just to make sure that everything is running smooth, and the troops understand the formation. However, many won’t be that delighted to find out the final cost of the flyover, which gets very close to $100,000.

Most of the people piloting these planes have been involved in the Afghanistan war, including some of the best pilots in the world. On top of that, they promise to provide an impressive show on Sunday, that people won’t forget for a long time.

And, even though military flyovers have been cut from budget quite a lot in recent times, important events like important funerals and iconic events during the year, which, of course, include the Super Bowl we’ll have the chance to watch on Sunday.

The first Super Bowl flyover has been made back in 1968, with Air Force jets. Since then, the military has provided flyovers for the important event quite often. The Army does this to provide a spectacle but also provide a sense of security for the arena, as well as the surrounding areas.

With millions of people at home, watching at their TVs, and more than 80,000 people in the MetLife stadium, the Superbowl will gather a high number of people this year. The tickets are sold out, and the spectacle is set to begin.

There’s only one more thing we need to know, and that is who will win, the Denver Broncos or the Seattle Seahawks? We’ll find the answer to this question soon enough!