5 Affordable Places To Stay In Hawaii

5 Affordable Places To Stay In Hawaii

hale-koa-hotelWhether you’re a current member of the military or if you have served in the past, you qualify for special financing for military travel. If you want to plan an exciting trip by yourself or with your family, you may want to choose a gorgeous location where you can get away and unwind for a bit. A popular travel destination for military members is the breathtaking islands of Hawaii. There are numerous historical and active military bases located on the Islands and plenty of military flights to Hawaii from most major cities. There is a variety of resorts all over Hawaii that cater specifically to both current and veteran service members. If you’re planning a flight to Hawaii, check out these five resorts that are known to be exceptional vacation spots for members of the United States military.

1. Hale Koa Hotel & Resort – This elegant hotel is one of the favorite resorts among most military members visiting Hawaii because it’s situated right on the beach in beautiful Waikiki. Hale Koa is one of the four exclusive Armed Forces Recreation Centers located the world. If you’re looking for a sweet spot next to the beach with luxury accommodations, Hale Koa is just right for you! To ensure you never get bored, they have a number of bars and restaurants located on their property, as well as a fitness center and spa.

2. Barbers Point Beach Cottages – If you and your family are wanting to plan an adventurous getaway, you’ll want to look at staying at Barbers Point Beach Cottages! These cozy two and three bedroom cottages are located on the west coast of Oahu near White Plains and Nimitz Beach at Barbers Point. The reserve cottages are only for military members, veterans, and their family members, so you can chill in the sun and enjoy the company of fellow service members from all around the country.

3. Pililaau Army Recreation Center – Also referred to as PARC, the Pililaau Army Recreation Center is considered one of the best beachfront facilities on the islands for military members to visit. The resort is located 35 miles outside of Waikiki and 18 miles from the Schofield Barracks, renting a vehicle is recommened if you plan to stay here. Although a bit off the beaten path, the area does provide excellent snorkeling and scuba diving.

4. Bellows Air Force Station – This recreational lodging facility located on Waimanalo Beach and features 117 units with stunning views of the ocean. Besides relaxing on the beach, there are numerous other things to do while staying at Bellows Air Force Station such as golf, scuba diving, snorkeling and even paintball.

5. Pearl Harbor Navy Lodge – The Pearl Harbor Navy Lodge is also a terrific place to stay while vacationing in Hawaii. It’s only 15 short minutes from Honolulu International Airport (HNL), so there are many taxis and shuttle services in the area. Although not on the beach, the Pearl Harbor Navy Lodge is perfectly situated within proximity to all of the majority museums and other historical attractions.

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