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Even the savviest travels often experience the worst luck during their adventures. Missing flights, losing valuable possessions, eating airline change fees, forgetting that one thing you need…Let’s be honest, if you travel enough you’re bound to experience an unlucky event. Read on to learn how a few steps can help avoid the inconveniences and get the most of your trip.

Pack Smarter

Keep your most expensive items as close to you as possible by packing it in your carry-on in a smaller bag that can be kept close to you. If the all the overhead bins are full and the pushy flight attendant says you must surrender your bag, grab the smaller bag inside your carry on and store it under the seat in front of you. You never know when you will be required to gate-check your hand luggage and losing an iPad, camera, house and car keys, medication, jewelry is a costly loss for all of us. The farther away your bag is from you, the higher the risk you may not see it once you arrive to your final destination.

The Best Credit Card

First, there isn’t one credit card that does not charge fees. Keep some extra cash on you before you begin your journey. Another easy way to help save is to avoid using a credit card to get cash. But if you must, make sure you are traveling with a card that is going to give you the lowest fee. There are many good travel credit cards that offer great additional travel perks (such as extra points for cheap flights, dining or free checked baggage) and typically cost little or nothing to try.

Avoid Airline Ticket-Change Fees

Agggh, airline ticket-change fees. Let’s just sum this up as completely inconvenient. The best way to avoid airline ticket-change fees is to search for a refundable or flexible fare that does not require a change fee in the event a missed flight or cancelled trip occurs. This is highly recommended to anyone that has the slightest chance of schedule changes, such as military and government travelers. Many military personnel find it very convenient to book with travel agencies for military, which provide one-on-one customer service while understanding their needs. Working with an agent to plan your trip correctly can make a huge difference. You may even find more airline discounts than you were aware of!

Never Pay for Rental Car Damages

Paying for rental-car damages you didn’t cause. Frustrating! Allow yourself a few extra minutes to do a walk around the vehicle you just rented to examine any preexisting damage. If you have time, have it documented with management to be sure it’s not your liability and you aren’t stuck paying for something you didn’t do. Short on time? Take pictures.

Are You Sure Your Passport is Valid?

No one wants to be Tom Hanks living in the terminal waiting on a new passport. China, Russia, and the UAE., require that passports are valid for six months past the date of your return flight. 26 European nations require that passports be valid for three months past your return flight. If you are active duty military traveling, double-check your security clearance meets the requirements for anywhere you will be stopping. This is recommended for Space-A Travel as well. There’s always a chance a military flight could be diverted to another destination. Be prepared.

Perfect Time to Book a Ticket

Everyone seems to have their own strategy when searching for cheap airline tickets. Here’s the secret…there isn’t one. Airline tickets are cheapest when they’re cheapest. Researchers have narrowed down an optimal timing for cheap-tickets, typically 21 and 34 days before domestic and international flights. There are various studies on how to find cheap flights for military, college students, and for the everyday traveler. The ultimate question: “When to book cheap flights?” Most researchers and travel agents will advise: If you have found a cheap airline ticket, book it. Keep in mind, travel agents work one-on-one to serve customers to the best of their ability and build relationships. Many travelers today prefer booking with a travel agent to ensure their getting the best and saving the most. If you happen to be a military member, then we’re here to help find you the best discount on military flights.

 Sharpen Your Travel Skills

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