Travel Tips For Flying With A Baby

Tips for flying with a baby
The thought of flying with an infant can be intimidating for first-time parents. Yet it can be pretty manageable with a little bit of advance planning. So don’t let fear prevent you from bringing your baby along for a fun-filled family vacation.

Travel with convenient baby food
Bring Plenty of Food for the Baby

Nothing gets a baby screaming faster than a hungry belly. Therefore, be sure to have plenty of food for your baby’s first flight. If your infant is being exclusively breastfed, consider bringing an inflatable travel nursing pillow. It will make breastfeeding at the airport and on the airplane much more comfortable.

Plenty of in flight entertainment
Have Entertainment Readily Available

A bored baby can easily turn into an irritable baby. Keep that in mind, and don’t let your infant get fussy out of boredom. Bring some entertainment for your little one. Just don’t bring anything that’s overly noisy; you don’t want other passengers to give you and your baby the stink eye for the entire flight. Stick with quieter toys. Rattles and teething rings are perfect for young babies. Meanwhile, board books are enjoyable for infants old enough to listen to stories.

Start Plane Ride with a Fresh Diaper

Bring plenty of diapers for the plane ride. Make sure to change your baby’s diaper before boarding the aircraft. Then keep the diapers somewhere easily accessible throughout the entire flight. You never know when you’ll need another new diaper, and you don’t want to spend too much time searching around.

Pack Extra Clothes for the Flight

Little infants are notorious for getting their clothes dirty. Diaper explosions, spit up, and spills can happen at any given moment. Hence, you always need to be prepared with an extra set of clothes for your baby. And while you’re at it, pack some extra clothes for yourself as well.

Flight with infant carrier
Always Be Ready to Comfort Your Baby

Even adults feel a little scared when flying on an airplane for the first time. Thus, you should fully expect your infant to feel frightened at one point or another during the flight. Always be ready to comfort your baby with hugs and words of reassurance. Also, don’t be shy about singing to your baby while on the plane. If that’s what it takes to calm down your baby, then by all means do it. The other passengers on the airplane would rather hear you sing lullabies throughout the flight than having to hear your baby yell and cry out of distress.

Give Your Baby a Pacifier During Takeoffs and Landings

Takeoffs and landings can cause pain for your baby’s little ears. Prevent and alleviate the problem by giving your infant something to suck on. A pacifier is a small and simple item that can really help with preventing discomfort in your baby.

Curious baby on plane
Apologize for Your Baby

Infants aren’t expected to know anything about societal norms. They can fuss all they want, and no one would say anything to them about it. On the other hand, parents are held to certain expectations by society. The people at the airport and the folks riding with you on the plane will expect you to either do or say something about your child’s behavior. Hence, it’s best to apologize whenever your baby’s behavior start to disrupt those around you. For the only thing worse than a screaming infant is a parent who couldn’t seem to care less.

So much baby gear for flight

Stay Flexible

Want to know the biggest secret to having a great time traveling with an infant? It’s to always remain flexible. Babies don’t care about adhering to strict schedules and plans. So just go with the flow and have a great time!

Travel Tips For Flying With A Baby

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