Travel to Hawaii, visit Pearl Harbor’s Pacific Aviation Museum

Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor 

Finally the pilot’s announcement fills the cabin space, “Welcome all military personnel, and most importantly, thank you for your service! We’re cleared for departure from San Diego. Next stop, Honolulu airport. Enjoy the flight.”


Yes! It’s time for the Hawaii vacation to begin. There’s so many things to do in Hawaii, it’s probably safe to relate Hawaii to a gigantic Disney World. Better make sure visiting the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor is on your list. If you like military flights, history, and experiencing fascinating WWII artifacts this is a must see. Here’s why..

The Pacific Aviation Museum is a world-class museum that honors the patriotism and sacrifices made by Americans in the defense of the great country we live in today. Children love observing the artifacts from the historical events they’ve been reading about for years in school. The museum experience provides an experience that will have anyone walking away with a new understanding and appreciation of what our service men and civilians endured on December 7, 1941 when Pearl Harbor was attacked.

Where is the Pacific Aviation Museum? 

After you’ve seen Hangar 37, one of the sole surviving military hangars which housed seaplanes, watched the movie presentation of rare actual footage that can only be seen at the Pacific Aviation Museum, and checked out all the military aircraft exhibits then it’s time to jump in the cockpit to become a WWII pilot. The museum’s six hands-on flight simulators provide an exciting experience of what its like to be behind the controls of various military flights. The combat flight simulator “Fly for Freedom” ($10 per 30 minute flight & briefing) has enough space for adults to jump behind the controls and give it a try if desired.

Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor is located on historical Ford Island, an active duty military base that is accessed by shuttle bus spaces from the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center. Shuttles depart every 15 minutes from Pearl Harbor’s visitor center so there’s plenty of space available for military, families, and groups visiting for the day. There are no bags allowed on the shuttle bus to Ford Island. Belongings can be stored at Bowfin Submarine Park shuttle bus stop for a $3 fee. Directions to Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor can be found by visiting Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor.

Military Discounts are available for military members and families. 

General Admission 
Adult/Child (Age 13 & over) USD $25.00
Child (Age 4-12) USD $15.00

Aviator’s Tour Package 
Adult/Child (Age 13 & over) USD $35.00
Child (Age 4-12) USD $25.00

Required Items to Bring & Attire 
– A valid government-issued photo ID

Additional Notes 
The Pacific National Monument is closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day (December 25) and New Year’s Day (January 1).


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